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Spreading the Nova love, there's a preview for Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #19 over at the Nova Prime Page. Preview pages look awesome as usual (love that Ig art) but be aware of potential spoilers.

I'm with Nova on the headquarters thing. xD

And a tiny reminder than the [livejournal.com profile] nova_prime_page is set up as a feed, it's a great way to see exclusive Nova related previews and news.
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Trying again, the first poll was a little confused.

Obviously this is a spoiler for the latest issue of Avengers: the Initiative and Penance so it's under a cut to protect the innocent.

Vote vote vote )

Don't forget to comment if you have an alternate theory. ;)
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Those three being Marvel Divas, Nova and Avengers: the Initiative:

Firestar, Nova, Justice, Night Thrasher I (still counts) & II, Rage, Speedball~Penance, Slapstick, and Ultragurl all in comics this week! Justice and Rage in Mighty Avengers #29 (I think) last week!

Best New Warrior month in forever. :)

See preview pages here:

Nova 30
Avengers: the Initiative 29
Marvel Divas 4 (pssst, I need to know if Justice is in this one so my inner completionist can be satisfied, pleeeeeeease?)
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I saw in the January advanced X-solicits that there was mention of a familiar New Warrior returning to the ranks.

Spoilers under here! Beware! )
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From the latest Cup-o-Joe:

Kiel Phegley: And to follow up, Kid Icarus asked, "Finally, with the almost surprise success of New Mutants, has there been any discussion on creating a reunion of the wonderful Generation X characters? I know a lot of people miss this team, and they really haven't done much since they disbanded."

Joe Quesada: Here’s all I can give you for right now, Kid Icarus, at the last X-Men summit that was held in Los Angeles, Generation X did come up in conversation. I can say no more.
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NOVA #32
Penciled by ANDREA DI VITO


Cover and solicit under cut to avoid spoilers )

Written by PAUL TOBIN
Pencils by IG GUARA

Cover and solicit under cut to avoid spoilers )

Oh, he's so adorkable!!
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I've been wondering what will happen to Firestar post-Divas. I was just reading Tom Brevoort's blog (waiting for him to answer my questions) and he said he was beating writers away with a stick to keep Firestar for Divas after she resigned during Civil War.

Poll under cut - spoilers for current Divas storyline )

Share your thoughts, I'm interested...
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I don't know how I missed this one solicit for November:

Solicit for Mighty Avengers #31 )

Exciting but Justice looks like he has a mohawk! xD
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X-Posted to [livejournal.com profile] camp_hammond, sorry if you got hit twice.

Under a cut for the folks who don't like to be spoiled (and fair enough too)

Read more... )

Finally, I created a new comm because there seems to be knowhere to post Cosmic stuff like Guardians of the Galaxy, War of Kings, Inhumans related info and Nova (other than here).

[livejournal.com profile] cosmic_knowhere
For all things Marvel and Cosmic.
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Has anyone else got this? I bought it last week and got around to reading this weekend. I just thought I'd give volume one fans a heads up. It has a ton of stuff in the back:

The original pitch for the team from Fabian Nicieza with handwritten notes to and from the editor on what was a yes and what was a noooooo plus suggested names for the title (none of which was New Warriors)
Conceptual designs including proposed ages for the team (and their heights, lol)
Internal memos
Character bios
All that plus the Thor two part introduction which came out six or so months before the actual title started (and was nowhere as impressive as I previously thought), and the first six issues I think (up to the storyarc with the Inhumans, the title of which I'm totally blanking on)

It's great! I recommend having a read of it sometime. It was volume one so I'm hoping that means if the sales are good we might see volume two and up.
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The New Warriors Drabble Meme #1 results so far, thanks for making it so successful. It's great to see so many intriguing prompts there so please feel free to reply to an unfilled one if you have a few minutes:

Filled prompts:

Unfilled prompts:

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Care to share your thoughts? I haven't but I'm keen to know if anything relevant with Firestar happened... I've heard whispers of things.
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Because if it's good enough for every other community around, it's good enough for us.

* One prompt/request per comment
* Prompts can be filled with fic/art/vids/mashed potato sculptures/stick figure theatres, the sky is the limit (although the last two might be hard to post)
* We can't all be writers or artists etc but we can all be prompters
* You may request and post anonymously if you wish (I set it to no IP logging so it's truly anonymouse)
* May contain unmarked spoilers
* Multiple responses per request are allowed and encouraged
* It's a New Warriors comm, so each request must include at least one New Warrior from any team at any time (including the current one in Avengers: the Initiative)
* Open to any Gen, Het, Slash, Femslash prompts - R/NC-17 rated responses, please leave a warning in subject line.

So get to it. Chop chop!


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