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This is a re-post of my previously public Firestar icons. My photobucket account was hacked and I've just now started re-uploading icons.  I have 147 Firestar icons in this entry!  Enjoy!



Here at my journal.
ext_34906: Icon by me. (New Warriors: Vance.)
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A wildly large batch of mixed Marvel and DC icons including some New Warriors, Nova, Avengers Academy, Power Pack, Secret Avengers... basically anything that's got New Warriors in it.


Fake cut to my other journal.
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Forgot to cross-post.

Ultragirl Jarael Justice

Includes Justice x3, Ultragirl x3, MVPeople/Cloud9 x2, MVP/Cloud9 x1, Jarael x2, Victor x1, Karolina x1. Planetary dude (code for I can't remember his name, lol) x2

Icons here at my icon journal (beware, doubles as my fanfic journal)
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New smallish batch of icons.
Includes: Justice, Nova-Zar, New Warriors, Guardians of the Galaxy, New Mutants/X-Men, and Darkhawk.

Examples: Justice Nova-zar Mirage&Magma


Icons here at my other journal @ [livejournal.com profile] daydreams_of_u.
ext_34906: Icon by me. (Vance & Angel.)
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New batch of icons featuring Damage/Judomaster, Zayne/Jarael, Justice, Chase, Chase/Victor, Cyclops, Cosmo, Darkhawk, Doctor Who, Chamber, Firestar, Iron Fist, Invincible, Molly, Nico, Rocket Raccoon, Spidey text bubble, Gambit/Rogue, Vulcan Phoenix, Vance/Angel, Major Victory (don't think I forgot anyone) - NOTE: Spoilers for JSA #22 and later story arcs of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

Samples: ZaynevsLucien Vance&Angel Darkhawk

Icons under the fake cut.
ext_34906: Icon by me. (Firestar loves Spidey.)
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New icons. Having discovered the joy of Spider-Man Loves Mary-Jane, I was inspired by a familiar New Warrior in it plus there's some other random stuff in this smaller batch.

Examples:Firestar loves Spider-Man Nico & Chase Peter Kitty OTP

Includes: Firestar x5, Spider-Man/Firestar x4, Spider-Man/MJ (Spider-Man loves Mary Jane) ; Chase/Nico x2, Chase, Gert x2, Nico, Molly, Old Lace as puppy, Spider-Man (Runaways) ; Cyclops (X-Men: First Class) ; Colossus/Shadowcat (Astonishing X-Men) ; Hollow, Hollow/Phil (Loners) ; Justice/Trauma, MVP (Avengers: the Initiative)

More can be found at my icon journal
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New batch of icons, various fandoms and treatments. Note that there is a potential spoiler for Guardians of the Galaxy #3 if you haven't seen the previews.

Examples: Namorita&Monkeyball Young Avengers Trauma

Includes: Avengers: the Initiative: MVP x3, Cloud9, MVP/Cloud9, Justice, Trauma, Bengal, Thing, Slapstick x2 ; Thunderbolts: Penance ; Runaways: Alex, Molly, Chase x2, Nico, Old Lace ; Loners: Team, Chamber, Turbo, Darkhawk ; Young Avengers: fairytales ; X-men: Angel, Gambit ; Captain Atom/Engineer ; Guardians of the Galaxy: Astroshield, Mantis/Groot x2, Starhawk x3 ; Spider-Man loves Mary-Jane: Mary-Jane x2, Plushie ; New Warriors: Namorita, Namorita/Monkeyball x2 ; JSA: Cyclone x7, Cyclone/Damage, Damage x5, Frankie.

Fake cut to my icon journal where you can see the rest
ext_34906: Icon by me. (Ben is a scary teacher.)
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Random bunch of icons plus two Secret Invasion banners, some aren't that great but meh, I'll put them there anyway.

Examples: TraumaCloud9 Stature Scarlet Spiders

Thorgirl, Thorgirl/Trauma, Trauma x2, Trauma/Cloud9, Cloud9 x2, Scarlet Spiders/Cloud9 x2, Scarlet Spiders x4, Rage, Komodo, Hardball/Komodo, Hardball, Stature x4, Yellowjacket, Patriot, Hawkingbird, Hulkling x2, Iceman x2, Ant-Man x2, Slapstick, Secret Invasion banners x2.

More at my icon journal
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Random icons to share:

Examples: Darkhawk Decibel New Warriors

New Warriors [10]: Team vol1, Decibel, Wondra, Skybolt, Marvel Boy, Firestar x2, Speedball, Sofia, Rider brothers
Guardians of the Galaxy/Nova [8]: Text icons x4, Starlord, Rocket Raccoon, Cosmo, Pikachu Nova
Loners/Generation X/Runaways [11]: Darkhawk/Turbo, Darkhawk x2, Hollow, Red Ronin, Lightspeed, Fake Chamber, Chamber, Skin/Chamber, Karolina, Leapfrog
Misc [7]: Justice, Hardball/Komodo, Vulcan Phoenix, Spider Signal, Finn x2, Damage.

More icons here at my icon journal
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A mixed bunch:


New Warriors x12
Vance Astro x3
Various Spider-Man x6
Nova x2
Penance x1

More goodies here at my icon journal

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Some New Warriors and Power Pack icons:


Power Pack Wondra Decibel

Decibel x3
Wondra x2
Ripcord x1
Blackwing/Tempest x1
Renascence/Hellion x2
Jack Power x1
Julie Power x1
Power Pack x1

Rest are here at my icon & fanfic journal
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Just a few to share, some examples:

Decibel, Wondra, Justice, Rage [x2], Phaser, Tempest, Night Thrasher [x2], Renascence, Skybolt.

Rest are here at my icon journal...  


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