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Some pages up for the War of Kings Dawkhawk mini #1 are up here. Goes a little ways into why he's left L.A. and the Loners. Artwork is pretty.

See pages under cut )
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New batch of icons featuring Damage/Judomaster, Zayne/Jarael, Justice, Chase, Chase/Victor, Cyclops, Cosmo, Darkhawk, Doctor Who, Chamber, Firestar, Iron Fist, Invincible, Molly, Nico, Rocket Raccoon, Spidey text bubble, Gambit/Rogue, Vulcan Phoenix, Vance/Angel, Major Victory (don't think I forgot anyone) - NOTE: Spoilers for JSA #22 and later story arcs of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

Samples: ZaynevsLucien Vance&Angel Darkhawk

Icons under the fake cut.
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There's going to be a Dawkhawk two issue mini crossing into War of Kings.

It's going to include appearances from The Loners.

I kind of hope it explains more about how he went from being a guy who wanted to give up superheroing in Loners to being security chief for Project Pegasus.

Link to Marvel News interview with C.B.Cebulski including the five reasons Darkhawk rules.
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Darkhawk appears in Nova #17. There are some black/white preview pages and the cover on the Nova Prime Page. And if Darkhawk is there, could this mean the Loners might also turn up? Who knows, the solicit only says unexpected allies and that could be anyone.


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