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Someone very kindly linked me to this from NYCC after hinting at a return of Speedball and there was some Loners and a ton of Spidey stuff in there plus Hercules and Pet Avengers (I'm sorry, this just excites me, lol) - Here is the full thing

But if you just want Speedball and Loners news )
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Return of Speedball?

See preview here

Shamelessly ganked from New Warriors dotnet to share the love. Awesome New Warriors fandom there.
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Which I shamelessly ganked from [livejournal.com profile] elsewhere7's journal:

JM: Okay, we'll get to fan questions, but strangely enough, I've been getting a bunch of emails from fans asking me to make sure and ask you about Speedball. Seems you haven't been to kind to Robbie Baldwin, and some fans are ticked off. What do you have to say about this? You out to get Speedball fans?

JQ: Hah! I'll tell you this, and no foolsies: Speedball is coming back. Speedball is coming back!!! That's right, you heard it, and it's Robbie Baldwin in the Speedball costume. Speedball back in the Marvel U. Mark it down, it's happening.

Originally from here: Cup o Joe.

Okay, so now, do we believe this or is this just teasing us for the sheer evilness of it?

I mean, how do they even propose to bring Speedball back? Our Robbie is done gone into emo-land, ne'er to return.
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I just picked up the first trade with Penance on the team. It was interesting but I guess I find it hard to equate Speedie and Penance as the same individual...


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