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Trying again, the first poll was a little confused.

Obviously this is a spoiler for the latest issue of Avengers: the Initiative and Penance so it's under a cut to protect the innocent.

Vote vote vote )

Don't forget to comment if you have an alternate theory. ;)
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Those three being Marvel Divas, Nova and Avengers: the Initiative:

Firestar, Nova, Justice, Night Thrasher I (still counts) & II, Rage, Speedball~Penance, Slapstick, and Ultragurl all in comics this week! Justice and Rage in Mighty Avengers #29 (I think) last week!

Best New Warrior month in forever. :)

See preview pages here:

Nova 30
Avengers: the Initiative 29
Marvel Divas 4 (pssst, I need to know if Justice is in this one so my inner completionist can be satisfied, pleeeeeeease?)
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X-Posted to [livejournal.com profile] camp_hammond, sorry if you got hit twice.

Under a cut for the folks who don't like to be spoiled (and fair enough too)

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Finally, I created a new comm because there seems to be knowhere to post Cosmic stuff like Guardians of the Galaxy, War of Kings, Inhumans related info and Nova (other than here).

[livejournal.com profile] cosmic_knowhere
For all things Marvel and Cosmic.
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X-posted at [livejournal.com profile] camp_hammond, sorry to the folks who got hit twice.

New preview up for Avengers: the Initiative #26 featuring a couple of pages with the new new New Warriors here. This is not good, not good at all for our erstwhile heroes.

Also, there's also a preview up for Nova #27 right here. I'm loving those Acuna covers.
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In this week's Cup of Joe. Blah. I hate JQ this week. Hate Marvel. Don't even click it if you know you'll cry about the latest Runaways. I know I did when I saw the preview pages. Such a freakin' girl. *shakes head*

Here *waves hand dismissively at link*

I'm gonna say, I don't like how Ramos draws Penance but he definitely looks like the epitomy of a mental patient. *shudder*
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*uses up miniscule remaining bandwidth at superslow speed*

There's a Christos Gage interview up on Newsarama here. Please be warned, that there are spoilers for upcoming issues and several preview pages (with the New Warriors and MVP's father).

Cut to the pertinent New Warrior & Scarlet Spider heavy details )

It feels sad looking at those first few preview pages. Maybe that will change when there's text to read but Ramos' style has really grown on me with Runaways and the Initiative, he conveys wicked amounts of emotion through his pencils. Sandoval will be taking over from next issue I think, so we will have to get used to a new artist again.
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X-posted to [livejournal.com profile] camp_hammond.

Now with text and extra pages. Under a cut to avoid spoiling.

Pages under cut )


Way to think of the Spider's feelings, Thrash. Dur!
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Pencils & Cover by HUMBERTO RAMOS
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Maybe we'll see that showdown between Justice and Gauntlet. :p
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New batch of icons, various fandoms and treatments. Note that there is a potential spoiler for Guardians of the Galaxy #3 if you haven't seen the previews.

Examples: Namorita&Monkeyball Young Avengers Trauma

Includes: Avengers: the Initiative: MVP x3, Cloud9, MVP/Cloud9, Justice, Trauma, Bengal, Thing, Slapstick x2 ; Thunderbolts: Penance ; Runaways: Alex, Molly, Chase x2, Nico, Old Lace ; Loners: Team, Chamber, Turbo, Darkhawk ; Young Avengers: fairytales ; X-men: Angel, Gambit ; Captain Atom/Engineer ; Guardians of the Galaxy: Astroshield, Mantis/Groot x2, Starhawk x3 ; Spider-Man loves Mary-Jane: Mary-Jane x2, Plushie ; New Warriors: Namorita, Namorita/Monkeyball x2 ; JSA: Cyclone x7, Cyclone/Damage, Damage x5, Frankie.

Fake cut to my icon journal where you can see the rest
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Random bunch of icons plus two Secret Invasion banners, some aren't that great but meh, I'll put them there anyway.

Examples: TraumaCloud9 Stature Scarlet Spiders

Thorgirl, Thorgirl/Trauma, Trauma x2, Trauma/Cloud9, Cloud9 x2, Scarlet Spiders/Cloud9 x2, Scarlet Spiders x4, Rage, Komodo, Hardball/Komodo, Hardball, Stature x4, Yellowjacket, Patriot, Hawkingbird, Hulkling x2, Iceman x2, Ant-Man x2, Slapstick, Secret Invasion banners x2.

More at my icon journal
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Let's have some reviews about this issue (I'm probably not getting my copy for a couple of weeks so I'd love to know anything really juicy that came out in this issue).

I want to hear good things... it sure looked good in the preview.
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We can see at least one of Justice's New Warrior's team in preview pages (Steve Uy, ugh!) this Marvel news article: Brothers in metal

Just not the Warrior I wanted to see at this point. So what is it now? T-Minus 7 days?

The article is about the friendship between Iron Man and War Machine so missable, heh.
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X-posted to [livejournal.com profile] camp_hammond. (Apologies to those who are on both comms)

It is so tempting to believe that these guys have some respect for the New Warriors here - Initiative Initiation: The (Old) New Warriors - A Marvel News Story - but I'm gonna reserve judgment like the bitter twisted old fan I am. :D

Spoilers in the form of three no dialogue b/w preview pages from Avengers: the Initiative #11, and teasers about potential outcomes for the remaining New Warriors in A:tI #12 including a remark about Firestar.

Thoughts anyone?
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Thinking about Avengers: the Initiative #10 and more specifically the Killed in Action story arc.

I've been contemplating everything that has gone before, the exact words used and I've come to some speculative conclusions...

Can we expect a more positive ending for the ex-New Warriors than we currently believe we're going to get? )

Anyone have anything to add, disagree with, etc.?


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