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Someone very kindly linked me to this from NYCC after hinting at a return of Speedball and there was some Loners and a ton of Spidey stuff in there plus Hercules and Pet Avengers (I'm sorry, this just excites me, lol) - Here is the full thing

But if you just want Speedball and Loners news )
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There's going to be a Dawkhawk two issue mini crossing into War of Kings.

It's going to include appearances from The Loners.

I kind of hope it explains more about how he went from being a guy who wanted to give up superheroing in Loners to being security chief for Project Pegasus.

Link to Marvel News interview with C.B.Cebulski including the five reasons Darkhawk rules.
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Darkhawk appears in Nova #17. There are some black/white preview pages and the cover on the Nova Prime Page. And if Darkhawk is there, could this mean the Loners might also turn up? Who knows, the solicit only says unexpected allies and that could be anyone.
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New batch of icons, various fandoms and treatments. Note that there is a potential spoiler for Guardians of the Galaxy #3 if you haven't seen the previews.

Examples: Namorita&Monkeyball Young Avengers Trauma

Includes: Avengers: the Initiative: MVP x3, Cloud9, MVP/Cloud9, Justice, Trauma, Bengal, Thing, Slapstick x2 ; Thunderbolts: Penance ; Runaways: Alex, Molly, Chase x2, Nico, Old Lace ; Loners: Team, Chamber, Turbo, Darkhawk ; Young Avengers: fairytales ; X-men: Angel, Gambit ; Captain Atom/Engineer ; Guardians of the Galaxy: Astroshield, Mantis/Groot x2, Starhawk x3 ; Spider-Man loves Mary-Jane: Mary-Jane x2, Plushie ; New Warriors: Namorita, Namorita/Monkeyball x2 ; JSA: Cyclone x7, Cyclone/Damage, Damage x5, Frankie.

Fake cut to my icon journal where you can see the rest
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Random icons to share:

Examples: Darkhawk Decibel New Warriors

New Warriors [10]: Team vol1, Decibel, Wondra, Skybolt, Marvel Boy, Firestar x2, Speedball, Sofia, Rider brothers
Guardians of the Galaxy/Nova [8]: Text icons x4, Starlord, Rocket Raccoon, Cosmo, Pikachu Nova
Loners/Generation X/Runaways [11]: Darkhawk/Turbo, Darkhawk x2, Hollow, Red Ronin, Lightspeed, Fake Chamber, Chamber, Skin/Chamber, Karolina, Leapfrog
Misc [7]: Justice, Hardball/Komodo, Vulcan Phoenix, Spider Signal, Finn x2, Damage.

More icons here at my icon journal

The Loners

Jan. 13th, 2008 11:32 am
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Did anyone else pick this up?  I loved them more in Runaways as Excelsior (in the True Believer's story) but I'm curious to know what the general feeling is amongst other New Warriors fans for the dedicated mini.


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