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This is a re-post of my previously public Firestar icons. My photobucket account was hacked and I've just now started re-uploading icons.  I have 147 Firestar icons in this entry!  Enjoy!



Here at my journal.
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Those three being Marvel Divas, Nova and Avengers: the Initiative:

Firestar, Nova, Justice, Night Thrasher I (still counts) & II, Rage, Speedball~Penance, Slapstick, and Ultragurl all in comics this week! Justice and Rage in Mighty Avengers #29 (I think) last week!

Best New Warrior month in forever. :)

See preview pages here:

Nova 30
Avengers: the Initiative 29
Marvel Divas 4 (pssst, I need to know if Justice is in this one so my inner completionist can be satisfied, pleeeeeeease?)
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Care to share your thoughts? I haven't but I'm keen to know if anything relevant with Firestar happened... I've heard whispers of things.
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This is an old interview but since I fluctuate daily between wanting to get Marvel Divas and not, I somehow missed it...

Pertinent cameo info cut for your viewing pleasure )

Whole thing is here.
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Did anyone else see this on my cup o joe:

Regarding "hate" on Marvel Divas: Marvel Divas…if it's for you, great. If it’s not for you, okay, that’s fine as well. But I just don’t get how people want to hate on things without having read a stitch of it.. What have you read of it? What have you seen of it? If you want to hate it after the fact, fine. Hate on it. Maybe we didn’t give you a book you loved. That’ll happen. There are hits, there are misses. But if people want to hate something before they’ve read it, before they’ve seen anything of it… okay, knock yourself out.

So I'm not the only one who hates the overall concept.


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