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Trying again, the first poll was a little confused.

Obviously this is a spoiler for the latest issue of Avengers: the Initiative and Penance so it's under a cut to protect the innocent.

Vote vote vote )

Don't forget to comment if you have an alternate theory. ;)
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I've been wondering what will happen to Firestar post-Divas. I was just reading Tom Brevoort's blog (waiting for him to answer my questions) and he said he was beating writers away with a stick to keep Firestar for Divas after she resigned during Civil War.

Poll under cut - spoilers for current Divas storyline )

Share your thoughts, I'm interested...
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Okay everyone, the latest issue is out in stores, how did it rate. If you feel like it, add a comment about why you voted the way you did especially if you gave it a low vote. :)

[Poll #1249449][Poll #1249449]

Feel free to discuss the issue in general as well.
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I imagine I'm the last to get my copy, it came yesterday, and on first blush I have to admit I built myself up for the confrontation which is obviously going to happen next issue.

My comments follow and I invite discussion of any sort )
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Wow. Seriously, the end left me a little... argh I want to read the next one now do you hear me, now! Bets that Barry pounds Thrash into a bloody paste for what he did? Anyone? Or maybe Wondra beats him to it. Heh. That was a good issue!

I need more new New Warriors icons, anyone seen any anywhere in LJ?

Aaaaaaand now for the poll... )

Sorry for the earlier poll misfire, I picked up the wrong comic (why does NW still have Initiative on the cover anyways) and read the wrong issue number, anyone can do that right? Right? Okay, well anyway, sorry for the confusion. Noprize awarded to our ever vigilant [livejournal.com profile] elsewhere7 for picking up on my dur moment. :D
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So I read somewhere that the X-writers have staked an interest in Firestar. Let's see how we feel about her coming out of retirement.

[Poll #1182185][Poll #1182185]

Cheers, thanks for participating (and I wasn't really serious about Marvel Apes, hehehe).
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New Warrior Survivor - vote for your favourite New Warrior.  

It's going to be a series of small polls leading up to the final showdown.  Normally I wouldn't post something like this but they stuck all the vol one Warriors in the same poll and Justice is coming second, lol, that will not do.

Vote here if you want to


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