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Here is a convenient link: Preview of Closure pt 3 and a bit of the Thing's story

I kind of wish this series wasn't limited, it's been fun to read, other than the angsti-angry-nessness of Vance and Angel. But hey, all they can do is... break them up again? :/
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The unlettered preview for Avengers Academy #1 is up on comicbookresources.

Art looks pretty good. Justice looks nice. XD

I really need to get off my backside and finish getting [livejournal.com profile] avengersacademy set up. *sigh*
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There's a sneak preview of Firestar #1 over at Marvel, three pages with no text.

View it here.

Anyone intend on getting it?
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So I noticed that Brevoort has shared a rough page from Firestar #1 in his latest art avalanche:

There are other pages from upcoming titles so spoilers people, spoilers.

I thought she'd moved away from superheroing?
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Spreading the Nova love, there's a preview for Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #19 over at the Nova Prime Page. Preview pages look awesome as usual (love that Ig art) but be aware of potential spoilers.

I'm with Nova on the headquarters thing. xD

And a tiny reminder than the [livejournal.com profile] nova_prime_page is set up as a feed, it's a great way to see exclusive Nova related previews and news.
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Those three being Marvel Divas, Nova and Avengers: the Initiative:

Firestar, Nova, Justice, Night Thrasher I (still counts) & II, Rage, Speedball~Penance, Slapstick, and Ultragurl all in comics this week! Justice and Rage in Mighty Avengers #29 (I think) last week!

Best New Warrior month in forever. :)

See preview pages here:

Nova 30
Avengers: the Initiative 29
Marvel Divas 4 (pssst, I need to know if Justice is in this one so my inner completionist can be satisfied, pleeeeeeease?)
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X-posted at [livejournal.com profile] camp_hammond, sorry to the folks who got hit twice.

New preview up for Avengers: the Initiative #26 featuring a couple of pages with the new new New Warriors here. This is not good, not good at all for our erstwhile heroes.

Also, there's also a preview up for Nova #27 right here. I'm loving those Acuna covers.
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In this week's Cup of Joe. Blah. I hate JQ this week. Hate Marvel. Don't even click it if you know you'll cry about the latest Runaways. I know I did when I saw the preview pages. Such a freakin' girl. *shakes head*

Here *waves hand dismissively at link*

I'm gonna say, I don't like how Ramos draws Penance but he definitely looks like the epitomy of a mental patient. *shudder*
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*uses up miniscule remaining bandwidth at superslow speed*

There's a Christos Gage interview up on Newsarama here. Please be warned, that there are spoilers for upcoming issues and several preview pages (with the New Warriors and MVP's father).

Cut to the pertinent New Warrior & Scarlet Spider heavy details )

It feels sad looking at those first few preview pages. Maybe that will change when there's text to read but Ramos' style has really grown on me with Runaways and the Initiative, he conveys wicked amounts of emotion through his pencils. Sandoval will be taking over from next issue I think, so we will have to get used to a new artist again.
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Behold the ugly baby born of spandex wearing cosmic superheroes (well, I don't know what Gamora wears other than her hanky) and ... dance movies?

nova #26 variant cover

*washes eyes with bleach*

And for those seriously wanting to be in the know, it's the variant cover for Nova #26.
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X-posted to [livejournal.com profile] camp_hammond.

Now with text and extra pages. Under a cut to avoid spoiling.

Pages under cut )


Way to think of the Spider's feelings, Thrash. Dur!
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New Warriors #20 preview is up on CBR.


I thought it came out this week but it's obviously been delayed. Again.


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