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This is a re-post of my previously public Firestar icons. My photobucket account was hacked and I've just now started re-uploading icons.  I have 147 Firestar icons in this entry!  Enjoy!



Here at my journal.
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Has anyone else got this? I bought it last week and got around to reading this weekend. I just thought I'd give volume one fans a heads up. It has a ton of stuff in the back:

The original pitch for the team from Fabian Nicieza with handwritten notes to and from the editor on what was a yes and what was a noooooo plus suggested names for the title (none of which was New Warriors)
Conceptual designs including proposed ages for the team (and their heights, lol)
Internal memos
Character bios
All that plus the Thor two part introduction which came out six or so months before the actual title started (and was nowhere as impressive as I previously thought), and the first six issues I think (up to the storyarc with the Inhumans, the title of which I'm totally blanking on)

It's great! I recommend having a read of it sometime. It was volume one so I'm hoping that means if the sales are good we might see volume two and up.
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Because if it's good enough for every other community around, it's good enough for us.

* One prompt/request per comment
* Prompts can be filled with fic/art/vids/mashed potato sculptures/stick figure theatres, the sky is the limit (although the last two might be hard to post)
* We can't all be writers or artists etc but we can all be prompters
* You may request and post anonymously if you wish (I set it to no IP logging so it's truly anonymouse)
* May contain unmarked spoilers
* Multiple responses per request are allowed and encouraged
* It's a New Warriors comm, so each request must include at least one New Warrior from any team at any time (including the current one in Avengers: the Initiative)
* Open to any Gen, Het, Slash, Femslash prompts - R/NC-17 rated responses, please leave a warning in subject line.

So get to it. Chop chop!
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*uses up miniscule remaining bandwidth at superslow speed*

There's a Christos Gage interview up on Newsarama here. Please be warned, that there are spoilers for upcoming issues and several preview pages (with the New Warriors and MVP's father).

Cut to the pertinent New Warrior & Scarlet Spider heavy details )

It feels sad looking at those first few preview pages. Maybe that will change when there's text to read but Ramos' style has really grown on me with Runaways and the Initiative, he conveys wicked amounts of emotion through his pencils. Sandoval will be taking over from next issue I think, so we will have to get used to a new artist again.
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Forgot to cross-post.

Ultragirl Jarael Justice

Includes Justice x3, Ultragirl x3, MVPeople/Cloud9 x2, MVP/Cloud9 x1, Jarael x2, Victor x1, Karolina x1. Planetary dude (code for I can't remember his name, lol) x2

Icons here at my icon journal (beware, doubles as my fanfic journal)
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So I think I did this when I started the community here, and I just posted it over at Dreamwidth and since I said the two Crash Pads were going to mirror each other (or thought it anyway)...

Who is your favourite New Warrior over all the teams?
Who is your favourite in each team?
Do you have a favourite OTP?
What was your favourite issue and/or story arc?
Favourite villain?
Best cameo by another team and/or character?
Most memorable scene in a New Warriors comic?
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Cross-posted to [livejournal.com profile] camp_hammond.

From the FX International Dark Reign panel:

"Are there any plans to bring back the Counterforce (n/k/a The New Warriors)?"

Yes )

Also, from the Rafa Sandoval page:

NRAMA: So, with Rafa coming on board, and the promises that seem to be made about what's coming up, just who will we be seeing joining the Initiative with the new class?

Read more... )

Beware spoilers via both links.
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Ignoring Marvel Divas (ugh!), after trawling through the Marvel solicits I finally see a small gem. It seems that Marvel have listened to the fans and in July we will see reprinted:

His parents dead, Dwayne Taylor — a.k.a. Night Thrasher — set out to create a new family for himself and ended up with the premier super-team of the 1990s! Marvel Boy and Firestar! Namorita and Nova! Speedball! All they want to do is change the world! Decide for yourself how well they managed it in their trials by fire against Terrax and the Juggernaut! Also featuring anti-heroes Star-Thief and Psionex! Guest-starring Thor and the Inhumans! Collecting NEW WARRIORS #1-6 and THOR #411-412.
208 PGS./Rated A …$24.99
ISBN: 978-0-7851-3742-9

OMGYAY! Awesome!

*inner cynic emerges* I imagine it's because of Divas and how long Firestar has been out of comics. Bah!
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At Uncanny X-Men dot net.

Because I never really got into the second volume of New Warriors, I didn't know much about Bolt as a character so it was interesting to read and I thought I'd share the link so other people could remember a fallen Warrior.
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I realise Marvel is almost a swear around here these days but they've done a reunion whatchamacallit with two notable entries:

MARC SUMERAK (writer of WEAPON X: FIRST CLASS): Justice and Firestar are still one of my favorite Marvel Universe couples of all-time, even though they haven't been an item for a few years now. When I read Fabian Nicieza's original run on NEW WARRIORS, I was about the same age as
Firestar & Justice

the characters on the team, so all of their interactions really rang true, especially the blossoming romance between two of the team's most prominent members. Vance and Angel's love stayed strong throughout their days as Avengers, but sadly fizzled out a couple years later. Since then, Vance has moved on and Angel has quit the hero biz, but I'll always keep my fingers crossed that this super-couple will someday reunite!

Hells yes!!!

BILL ROSEMANN (Marvel editor): Christos Gage and Humberto Ramos have begun to reunite the New Warriors in the pages of AVENGERS: THE INITIATIVE, but we need Justice and Night Thrasher back together with the rest of the old school line-up! Firestar—retirement is for chumps!
The New Warriors

Speedball—break him out of the psych ward! Nova—if Wolverine can be in a dozen books, surely the Human Rocket can be in two! Namorita—what, you think Nitro can kill the niece of Namor? Their mission: a hit-and-run guerilla war against H.A.M.M.E.R.! Fight the power!

Yeah, Nita will be back. Mark my words, they can't keep that chick down for long.

Anyway, there are some other X and Spidey related reunions they want as well if you interested. It's not just couples but teams they want to see back together.

Linking you
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X-posted to [livejournal.com profile] camp_hammond.

Now with text and extra pages. Under a cut to avoid spoiling.

Pages under cut )


Way to think of the Spider's feelings, Thrash. Dur!
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New Warriors #20 preview is up on CBR.


I thought it came out this week but it's obviously been delayed. Again.
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As if we New Warriors fans haven't had Civil War and Stamford shoved down our throats enough...

The next Marvel Ultimate Alliance game trailer...

Don't get me wrong, it looks badass (secretly hopes for Justice cameo in it) but... *sigh*


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